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GEEGEE operating policy

1. Basic operating policy

1.1 Purpose of the operating policy

1.2 Application of operating policy

This operating policy applies first unless there is a separate policy or special regulation for each service provided by the company. In addition, for matters not mentioned in the operating policy, refer to the 'Service Terms and Conditions', It is processed in accordance with the 「Pay Service Policy」, 「Personal Information Processing Policy」, 「Youth Protection Policy」, and the laws of the Republic of Korea.. Members must comply with this operating policy, and in case of violation, the account will be penalized according to each regulation. Can happen.

1.3 Changes in operating policy

The company may change the operating policy to minimize the inconvenience of members and provide a stable service. If the company changes this operating policy as necessary, the member can easily recognize the contents (homepage, E-mail, etc.). Members are requested to check the notice to avoid any damage or inconvenience, and to be familiar with the changed content, etc. You may not be able to receive help from the company for damage or inconvenience caused by failure to understand. There is.

2. Member's rights and obligations

2.1 Membership Rights

Members can enjoy various contents provided by the GEEGEE platform and receive services. In the event of unfair treatment from the company or others while using the service, or in the event of damage as stipulated in the terms of use and this operating policy, customer center, etc. You can ask for help through our official channel.

2.2 Member Duties

Members must not do anything that violates the company's terms and conditions or this operating policy. In the event of damage to other members or the company by violating this, the member shall be liable for the damage. The member is a member. When signing up, you must enter your correct personal information. You may not be protected from the company against damage caused by stealing other people's personal information or registering false information.

3. Nickname and Profile Picture Policy

The member's nickname and profile picture can be freely decided by the member. However, if the following items apply, the customer service center may change/delete the member's nickname and profile picture or restrict the use of the service. 1) When it is judged that there is an intention to deceive or deceive yourself as a company employee 2) When the nickname and profile picture are sensational, obscene or slang (profanity) to offend other members 3) Items, characters, cyber When there is an intention to exchange money for cash or in kind, or an intention to trade with other games 4) In case of demeaning a group such as a specific religion, race, company, etc. 5) In case of content advertising a specific target 6) In case of anti-social or violating related laws 7) In case of infringement of trademark rights or copyrights of other third parties 8) In case it is difficult to accept according to other social norms

4. Notes on using the service

4.1 restrictions on use

Violation of this operating policy may result in legal liability and may result in penalties for the account from the company. Violation stipulated in the operating policy must include the contents mentioned below, But not limited to this.

4.1.1 non- manners

Non-mannered behavior refers to an act that intentionally interferes with or offends other members' smooth use of the service, etc. If the company finds a member who has committed non- manners, the member's use of the service is in accordance with the operating policy Can be limited.

4.1.2 Cash transactions and advertisements within the service

Cash transaction refers to the act of transacting all matters provided by the company as a service with real goods and services, etc. When the company finds a member who has made a cash transaction or advertising act, it is in its operating policy. Accordingly, the member's use of the service may be restricted.

4.1.3 system (bug) exploit

System (bug) abuse refers to the act of taking unfair profits by using errors or bugs in the GEEGEE platform. When a member finds a bug in the service or a problem in the system, the official channel such as customer center Members who do not report this and spread it to others or abuse it may be restricted from using the service according to the operating policy.

4.1.4 illegal program

Illegal program means a computer program, device or device that neutralizes the technical protection measures of the service or interferes with the normal operation of the service. The company develops, shares, or distributes unauthorized programs that affect abnormal services. , We will take strong sanctions against the use of it.

4.1.5 hacking, account theft and personal information leakage

Hacking, account theft, and personal information leakage refer to unauthorized access to other member's accounts, acquisition, use, and distribution of assets of others. The company develops, shares, and distributes these methods. In the case of distribution or use, we will take strong sanctions, and in some cases, we may ask the relevant authorities and law enforcement agencies to investigate or ask for help.

5. Restrictions on service use

5.1 Types of service use restrictions

The company may take restrictions on the use of the service without prior notice to members who violate this operating policy, and such judgment is the company's own authority. 1) Restrictions on the use of integrated accounts: created by the same person Restrictions on the use of services (game services, web services, etc.) of the entire account and restrictions to block new member subscriptions 2) Restrictions on the use of single accounts: Restrictions on the use of services (game services, web services, etc.) for a single account 3 ) Restrictions on game use: Restrictions on the use of game services 4) Restrictions on payment: Restrictions on the use of cash recharge and purchase of cash items 5) Warning: Restrictions that inform precautions or prohibitions using communication means 6) Account protection measures: Sanctions temporarily restricting login until identity verification is performed in the event of theft damage to the member's account or due to company problems, etc. Sanctions to change nickname if used

5.2 Common Criteria for Restriction of Use

1) The use of the service may be restricted in accordance with the 'Terms of Service' and this policy regarding the severity of the problem or the degree of impact on the service, even if it does not specifically correspond to the items mentioned in this policy. . 2) Sanctions for each violation may be applied repeatedly, and may be weighted depending on the number of cumulative cases and cases. 3) Through account sharing, a third party may use the member's account to comply with the terms and conditions and this policy. In the event of a violation, sanctions may be applied to the member himself/herself and the account. 4) The company's terms and conditions, even if it is not specifically applicable to the reason for restriction, is illegal or has serious adverse effects on the service and other members. Also, the use of the service may be restricted in accordance with this policy. 5) The company may retrieve game contents created and acquired in the account by a method corresponding to the reason for restriction of use, and it is suspected of theft/bug use depending on the situation. The account of the user whose in-game transaction was made from the account that is being used may also be restricted in terms of temporary use or sanctions based on the company's terms and conditions and this policy if necessary. 6) The company received from customer centers and various organizations. After confirming the situation through the contents of civil complaints, police investigations, and monitoring by the operator, users who are suspected to have acted for reasons of restriction may be restricted in accordance with the company's terms and conditions and this policy. 7) Abnormal use behavior or If it is presumed to be an attempt, the use of the related ID may be restricted in accordance with the company's terms and conditions and this policy to prevent damage.

5.3 Usage Limitation Criteria

※ Posts reported by other members will be hidden or deleted. ※ The level of service use restrictions that fall under the above use restriction criteria may vary depending on the degree of impact on the service. Such judgment is the sole authority of the company.

6. Dormant ID Policy

6.1 Delete dormant ID

The company may delete the member's ID if it meets the following requirements to prevent the member's ID from being used for unreasonable purposes and to provide a more seamless service. 1) Members who do not have access records for more than 12 months. ID of 2) If the paid item with the remaining period of use or the cache purchased for a fee does not exist in the ID of item 1 above

6.2 Disable dormant ID

Notifies the member that the deletion will take place 30 days before the dormant ID deletion action takes place, the expiration date of the personal information retention period, and the items of personal information. Members will access the game during the guide period, etc. You can release the dormant state.

7. Personal information management


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