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1. Develop a youth protection and management plan for sound game use

• If required by relevant laws and regulations, the company establishes and operates a youth protection plan so that youths are not exposed to harmful information. 1) Real name and age verification and identification In order to prevent the use of inappropriate game products or exposure to harmful media for youth, when providing game services or other services that require age verification, we must go through identity verification procedures such as real name and age verification and identity verification. 2) Harmful information Restrictions on Access to Youth and Management Measures The Company operates a filtering system to protect youth from unsound language such as profanity and slang, and takes precautionary measures to prevent the exposure of harmful information for youth. 3) Harmful information for youth. Monitoring enforcement The company conducts 24-hour monitoring to protect youth from unhealthy information.

2. Training of business managers to protect youth from harmful information

• The company educates youth protection managers and service managers on youth protection, related laws and regulations, how to cope with harmful information, and how to report violations.

3. Consultation and grievance for damage caused by harmful information

• The company makes every effort to protect youth from harmful information. The company provides a window for counseling and handling complaints, collecting opinions on protection of youth, and handling complaints.

4. Compliance with the Youth Code of Ethics

• The company complies with the “Internet Business Code of Ethics for Youth Protection” and “Practice Guidelines” for the sound and proper Internet use of youth.

5. Designation of Youth Protection Officer

• The company appoints a youth protection officer to protect youth from harmful information on youth information and communications networks.


(Effective date) This license agreement will be effective from October 28, 2021.


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